If I, Were...

If i were a rich n very rich, i'll buy whatever i want, shoes, bag, dress everyday. Cz i have lot of money 2 spend.
If i were rich, i'll take care my body to look beautiful like my friends. Cz i always go to spa.
If i were rich, am sure my face will be shiny and smooth.. No acne, no comedo..
My hair will be soft.. Cz i always go to salon.
If i were rich, i can eat any delicious food.
I could go into restourant anywhere that i want.
If i were rich, i can do anything that other people rarely do.
If i were rich, i can help others, i can help the poor.

But i'm not rich.

I do not shop everyday. I do not buy expensive stuff every week or month.
I do not care for my self becoz expensive spa treatment, etc.
My face did'nt shine becos a lack of good care.
I can't eat well everyday because i think wat will i eat tomorrow.
I cannot do that rich people do to have fun.
And i can only help the way i can .

if I were

But i am happy..
Becoz there're still Famz who love me..
Who make me feel like.............

insipirate by Sherly...

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