From Me to My Friends...

13122010, I Hear Sounds, en I Understand About Friends...

You taught me so much right to the end
You showed me things I didn’t know about
Even when you abandoned me and left me
You seem to be still around me


You taught me love, made me understand happiness
You taught me about separation, made me understand tears
You made me understand things I didn’t know about
You were so full of affection right to the end
You left so much behind for me
You left me crying, with our memories
You left me in pain, with hurt
You left me with an illness of the heart that I can’t cure

I can feel myself ruining my body
I am loser
My face slowly gets clouded over
Tears well in my eyes again,

and the feeling is spreading though my whole body
The chill is creeping right into my I don’t know what to do now that you’ve disappeared so suddenly
I miss you more than anything else
There isn’t a day that I’m sober
I see your reflection in my glass, and my tears again, erase you away
Why did you leave without teaching me the way to forget.

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